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Omaha Law Blog

Stop family squabbles over your will before they start

Are you worried about your will being challenged after you are gone?

It's not an uncommon fear -- or an unusual problem. Sometimes a death brings out long-buried rivalries and "who gets what" can be seen as turning some of the heirs into winners and others into losers.

Judge allows case about stolen babies and adoptions to continue

A Nebraskan judge has allowed a lawsuit to move forward in a tragic case of a long-ago stolen child and covert adoption. The stolen child has since reunited with his birth mother.

The birth mother has now filed a $3 million lawsuit against the Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha and a Jesuit institution in Wisconsin for colluding together to steal a child from an unwed mother and give him to another couple to adopt almost 50 years ago.

How to avoid Nebraska's insurance inheritance taxes

Nebraska doesn't have an estate tax. However, that doesn't mean that the state is a cheap place to die.

Nebraska still imposes an inheritance tax on money and property inherited through an estate, which can end up costing your heirs a small fortune -- which they might not be able to afford.

3 tips for adopting your stepchild in Nebraska

As someone pursuing adoption of a stepchild, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Adopting your stepchild is a meaningful step in your life. It formalizes the relationship you already have, gives you legal rights and strengthens your family unit. Unfortunately, this does not mean the adoption process is free of complications and stresses.

Sometimes stepparent adoptions can be confusing. However, you can take some simple steps to reduce complications. Keep reading for tips on how to make your adoption a success.

Consider all the implications of bankruptcy and divorce timing

Bankruptcy isn't uncommon either just before or just after divorce -- after all, financial woes are one of the biggest areas of stress in a marriage and may be what has driven an irreparable wedge between you and your spouse in the first place.

However, there are significant issues that have to be addressed before you decide which legal issue to address first:

What estate planning problems should unmarried couples address?

First comes love, then comes renting a place together...marriage may or may not follow somewhere on that list.

These days, cohabitation is becoming more normal than marriage. Research indicates over half of all marriages start with unmarried cohabitation.

Nebraska law aims to give students parenting assistance

What's one of the best ways of ensuring a better future for a newborn child?

Arguably, it's making sure that the child's parents have the education and support that they need to better their own lives -- and the lives of the child by extension.

What effect does retirement have on spousal support obligations?

What affect does your retirement on Social Security have on your spousal support payments?

This is an important question that you want to discuss with your attorney -- probably in advance of your retirement since the rules in Nebraska on when you can and cannot obtain a modification of your support can be somewhat complicated.

Family divides up over dividing farm proceeds

The Appeals Court in Nebraska recently dealt with a type of family feud that's common in the state -- a dispute between the second-generation owners of a family farm.

Two sisters and two brothers inherited the family farm in unequal shares from their parents. The sons stayed on the farm and worked it, while the daughters did not -- which probably accounts for the way their parents divided their shares. Each daughter received a little over 7 percent of the farm's stock. The brothers received slightly more than 85 percent of the farm's stock in equal shares.