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Posts tagged "Probate And Estate"

Why a joint will isn't always the best idea

Many people who are married assume that they will create a single will between them. This isn't always the best course of action, and working with your estate planning lawyer can help you understand what steps are the best given your situation in Omaha.

International lawsuit over inherited art

Numerous types of estate property can spark long trails of paperwork and interesting stories, and art that has changed hands over the years often leads to this type of tale. Currently, one group of American heirs is filing a lawsuit, seeking the return of a painting that is housed in a museum in another country.

What your children have learned can dictate your estate plan

You're setting up your estate plan, and you aren't sure exactly what the best course of action is for dividing your assets between your children. One key thing to consider is exactly what your children have learned over the years, as they've grown from childhood into adulthood.

Musician’s heirs file a suit against Ed Sheeran

Several months ago, we wrote about how Marvin Gaye's heirs filed a lawsuit against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke for allegedly copying certain elements of one of Gaye's iconic songs. That suit netted the heirs a court-ordered award of over $3 million. The heirs have since filed a new lawsuit against Ed Sheeran.

Nebraska man accused of stealing from elderly women

Multiple wills left by an 88-year-old Nebraska woman lend to the confusion around a criminal case in Lincoln against a former public-address announcer for the Huskers. The attorney for the 50-year-old man, Patrick Combs, says that he was essentially an "adopted son" to the woman and her husband, who had no children.