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Child Protective Services came over - What should I do?

Fewer things are as infuriating and frightening for a parent as facing accusations of not meeting the children's basic needs. If you get that dreaded knock on the door, how do you handle it? What if a social worker removes your children from the home? This is a valid concern for you and other Nebraska parents.

Understanding the definition and damage of emotional abuse

As you know, abusive relationships are very difficult to get out of. You may have been unhappy in your marriage for years but decided to stay in it for the sake of the children or because you made a promise to stick with your spouse no matter what. Because your spouse has never hit you, you might even be unsure whether his or her behavior qualifies as abuse. It is important for you and other Nebraska residents to understand the difference between two otherwise emotionally healthy people who happen to be unhappy together, and a marriage that is emotionally or verbally abusive.

When and why should you consider a child support modification?

As the custodial parent of your children, a great deal rests on your shoulders. You take care of your children’s day-to-day needs, such as getting them to school and to their doctors’ appointments, helping them with homework, making sure they do their chores and disciplining them when necessary. The financial burden you also carry can make your job even more difficult. Like many custodial parents in Nebraska, you receive child support, but it may not be enough to make ends meet.

4 things to know about filing taxes during a divorce

That time of year is upon us again. You and other Nebraskans may already be waiting for your W-2 forms in the mail so you can begin working on your tax return. If you are recently divorced or in the middle of a divorce, filing your taxes is likely to be a different experience from what you are used to.

4 tips for reducing your child support payments in Nebraska

Sometimes child support orders end up unfeasible. Significant life changes such as a drop in income, medical emergency, loss of a job or new marriage can warrant a modification of child support arrangements. If you want to reduce your child support payments, you will either need to have a judge change it or agree with the other parent about the changes. 

How to avoid common adoption mistakes

If you are considering adoption, know that the process often proves complicated, but can be tremendously rewarding. No two adoptions are the same, and there are many factors at work in any given adoption situation that can lead to roadblocks along the way as you grow your family. The better you understand the process, the more likely you are to avoid these roadblocks, so one way to expand your knowledge is to recognize some of the common adoption mistakes prospective parents like you sometimes make.

Parenting plans in Nebraska divorces

For those divorcing with minor children, concerns about support, custody, visitation schedules and more will play a significant role in the process. Nebraska law requires parents to file a parenting plan and the court to approve it before it issues the final divorce decree.

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