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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Post-divorce modifications: Negotiating with your ex

A divorce agreement is often a snapshot in time. It reflects the best agreement that someone could make at a given time regarding things like custody and support. However, things change. Children grow. What worked in the past may not make much sense in the present.

How people commonly sabotage their own custody cases

When you're involved in a custody battle, you really have to think about every action that you take -- because every aspect of your life can end up being examined in court. You absolutely have to be above reproach, and that means giving the other part -- and the judge in your case -- no cause to question your ability to be an effective parent.

New ruling puts retirement assets from divorce in danger

Typically, someone's retirement funds aren't in danger if that person files for bankruptcy. Retirement funds are generally exempted from bankruptcy proceedings. However, those exemptions may not hold true if the funds were part of the bankruptcy petitioner's divorce settlement.