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Thoughtful planning may help you co-parent after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Divorce |

There are a lot of people that feel a flurry of emotions after a divorce. So much so that it can be difficult to cross paths with their ex when it comes time to do custody exchanges after the finalization of your separation.

If you are feeling worried about how you will be able to coordinate and collaborate on parenting after divorce, then it’s important to create a thoughtful parenting plan and prioritize your children.

Transfer parenting plan to digital apps

Adding ample detail to your parenting plan can help serve as a guide while adjusting to divorce. From there, you can ensure that each of you follow the plan you previously agreed to by keeping day to day details accessible at your fingertips. For example, transferring the parenting time schedule to Google Calendar or co-parenting app can make for easy access and less interaction with your ex on confirming scheduling details and requests. In turn, this may lower the chance of an argument based on a scheduling miscommunication.

Communicate about your child’s needs

Keeping in mind that all the compromises you do make with your co-parent can help your kids succeed might make communicating with your ex a little easier. This means that even if you plan to coordinate custody exchanges without coming face to face with your ex, you still find ways to deliver child updates and notes on their needs. You can decide whether this will take place in-person or in a digital sphere. This aids in making sure your child’s well-being isn’t an afterthought and can help prevent you from asking your child to relay messages to their other parent for you. Making your child be your messenger only complicates their relationship with both parents. Plus, it doesn’t ensure that your co-parent will receive your messages.

Essentially, finding your rhythm as a co-parent is a two-way street that takes work. But your children will benefit in more ways than one if you are able to put your different preferences to the side when it comes to co-parenting.