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In a Nebraska divorce, taking the high road has its benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Family Law |

Divorce is a trying, emotional time that leads some people to act in ways that are out of character. And that behavior can have negative consequences during the divorce process for Nebraskans.

A divorce turns your life upside down, of course. And you just might want to let your ex know what is on your mind. But letting the hurt take hold of you isn’t recommended for your stress level, and it can harm your future.

That’s why in a divorce it’s best to take the high road. Even if you’re provoked, you don’t want to engage in name-calling or other behaviors. Why? Well, for starters, it could have a negative impact on the most important things: your financial future or custody of your children.

Let’s look at finances first. You might want to call your spouse’s boss to expose an affair with a co-worker, for example. Or, you might want to attack your spouse on social media to let the world know how you were treated.

And just what could happen? Your spouse could get fired once an affair is revealed. The owner of a small business might think that isn’t a good look for the company, or a relationship between co-workers could violate the written policies of a bigger company. And if your spouse is self-employed, negative words on social media could drive away prospective clients.

And all that can damage your spouse’s earning power and reduce the assets you could receive in a divorce settlement.

Even more importantly, negative behavior toward an ex could impact a judge’s view when it comes to child custody.

Courts always make custody determinations that are in the best interests of the children. And the best way to show that is to exhibit that your children always come first. Don’t put them in the middle of arguments or don’t alienate them from the other parent.

Additionally, remember that today everyone carries a recording device — the cellphone. An outburst with your ex that you think is just between the two of you could wind up as evidence of hostile behavior in court, and that could be used against you when it comes to custody.

In all divorces, especially contentious ones, it’s best to step back and not do anything you’ll regret. Let your legal representation speak on your behalf.