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Marriage red flags that led to divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Family Law |

Every marriage has its own challenges. Every divorce has its own reasons. You cannot assume things will go exactly the same for you as they did for anyone else.

Even so, looking at the red flags that other couples noticed prior to a divorce can help show you why it happens and that, in turn, may show you if it’s going to happen to you. Below are just a few examples that couples reported:

  • They enjoyed spending time on their own more than they enjoyed spending it together. If your time with your spouse feels like an obligation, that’s not how it should be.
  • They did not have the same attitudes when it came to parenting. If only one person does all of the work and the other focuses on themselves and ignores the children, that can lead to growing resentment.
  • The other person did not give them enough attention. When one person feels neglected, it can lead to them feeling unloved.
  • The other person would never apologize, even when it was warranted. If they have no remorse for their mistakes, it could mean they’ll never change.
  • They did not share the load when it came to things like household chores and parenting. A marriage needs to be a partnership, or the person who is doing more of the work may decide they would be better off on their own.

Again, divorce looks very different from case to case. Whether or not you see these signs, it could happen to you. Make sure you know exactly what legal steps you need to take.