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Judge orders adult son out of long-suffering parents’ home

On Behalf of | May 29, 2018 | Family Law |

A pair of New York parents took the unusual step of suing their adult son for eviction after he refused to move out of their home.

While a lot of parents have had trouble getting their “failure to fly” nestlings to move out of the home as young adults, that sort of thing usually gets resolved by the time parents start leaving polite notes that say, in essence, “Get out.”

Except those kinds of notes didn’t work on one 30-year-old man who had moved back home with his mother and father after a brief stint on his own and a failed work attempt. For the last eight years, the man has been living in his old digs at his parents. He neither contributed toward the rent nor the home’s upkeep and household chores — and apparently didn’t see that as an issue that should concern anyone, including his parents.

The parents involved started addressing the issue with their son in a series of formal notes. They involved repeated requests to find a job and an apartment, along with some helpful suggestions that they hoped would guide their son in the right direction.

Instead, he dug in his heels and became increasingly estranged from them — despite living in their home. When his parents offered him money to help with the cost of finding a place of his own and moving expenses, he took the money. Instead of using it as anticipated, however, he simply said he had “expenses” that he needed to pay. The parents finally decide to file a lawsuit.

The judge in the case was unsympathetic and denied the young man’s bid for six more months to vacate. The judge even mentioned the rather chilling effect that allowing him to simply squat on the premises for another six months could have on businesses like AirBnb and other rental situations.

Living with one’s parents is a growing trend among those aged 18-34, who are increasingly unable to afford independent lifestyles. Parents need to be aware, however, that they can’t simply tell an adult child to leave. They may have to take formal steps to enforce any decision they make on the matter because their adult children generally have rights similar to that of any tenant who hasn’t paid his or her rent.

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