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Oklahoma man arrested after plot to hurt divorcing wife

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Family Law |

A 47-year-old Oklahoma man is now under arrest after a bizarre plot involving meth, money and hair.

According to prosecutors, the man is the driving force behind an incident in which a woman woke up to an assailant’s attack back in 2016.

The 32-year old woman kicked the assailant and ultimately escaped, although she was seriously wounded. She had to have a total of 36 staples in order to close several stab wounds after the attack, which was perpetrated by someone she did not recognize.

While the woman had no idea why she was attacked, police did. The woman was divorcing her husband at the time. A tipster eventually turned the actual assailant into the police and the police were able to tie him to the woman’s husband.

The husband, angry about the divorce, had hired the woman’s attacker with a few hundred dollars and a cache of meth to attack his wife. He wanted the hired attacker to leave his wife’s face disfigured and shear off her hair so that she wouldn’t be able to forget him. Now, he could spend 70 years thinking about his actions and his ex-wife if he’s convicted of all the charges he’s facing.

Unfortunately, acts of domestic violence are not uncommon when a couple is splitting. Statistics over a 17-year period ending in 2010 show that women who have recently separated from their spouses are at a higher risk of violent confrontations than even women still trapped inside an unhappy marriage.

Women aren’t the only victims of domestic violence, however. Around one man is killed by his partner every single day.

It isn’t entirely known exactly what prompts violence to escalate during a divorce, but it could be the added financial pressures and the attacking spouse’s sense that he or she has finally lost control of the victim.

If you have any reason to fear your spouse during a divorce, make sure that your family law attorney is aware of the situation. There are often measures you can take to protect yourself, including orders that can keep your spouse away and make the police aware of the problems. That alone may be enough to discourage a spouse from attempting to get away with something like what happened in the case above.

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