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The wedding vows every couple needs

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Family Law |

Divorce attorneys make great marriage counselors. After all, they’re privy to a front-line view of all the things that lead to divorce.

When asked what they’d recommend to couples about to get married, many divorce attorneys recommend adding certain terms to the vows exchanged during the wedding.

1. Promise to argue like you love each other.

All couples fight from time to time. However, couples need to remember that, at the end of the day, they’re supposed to love each other.

That means treating each other with respect even when you’re angry. Don’t call each other names or use sarcasm. Air your grievances with each other privately, not in front of the relatives or on Facebook.

2. Vow to honor each other even when the marriage is boring.

Marriages get boring from time to time. It’s impossible to sustain the high-flying adrenaline rush of a new relationship or the way that you feel when you finally tie the knot. Be prepared to go through dull moments in your life, and treasure them just as much as you do the highs.

3. Swear you’ll be honest with each other.

This is good advice about whatever goes on in your marriage. Communication is the key to overcoming a lot of difficulties, whether it’s doubts about where you’re at as a couple or your frustrations with each other. That way you won’t sit and stew about things and build up a virtual sea of resentment behind walls of silence.

4. Promise to share all the financial information.

Money problems can tear a couple apart, but lying about money is a sure recipe for disaster. If a couple hides purchases, keeps secret bank accounts or squirrels away assets from each other, that’s a sign that they’re not really operating as a unit. Trust in a marriage is a fragile thing. Make sure that you protect it.

While there are no guarantees in life, these four additional vows, if you mean them, may keep you from ever having to make an appointment with a divorce attorney.

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