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Why do people get divorced?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Family Law |

Being in the middle of a divorce can bring up a lot of negative feelings — anger, jealousy, betrayal, loss and (perhaps above all) loneliness.

However, you probably aren’t nearly as alone as you feel. Studies (and family lawyers) say that the odds are good that you’re getting divorced for one of the seven reasons discussed below.

1. Money troubles

It’s no secret that money is a major cause of divorce. If a couple has different basic philosophical approaches toward money (“spenders” versus “savers”), it can create deep rifts in the relationship. So can hiding debt from a spouse or the stress from an upset in the household finances (like a sudden job loss).

2. Your age at marriage

You’re more likely to get divorced if you married before or after your late 20s to early 30s. Marrying young means both people may still do a lot of changing — and not end up a good fit for each other. Marrying after a certain age and you run the risk that one or both of you are too set in your ways to adapt.

3. Drifting Apart

Around 8 percent of couples just end up having less in common than they believed and drift apart. Or, one partner will make a drastic lifestyle change — a new religion or a picking up a hobby that requires all of his or her spare time and energy — and the other spouse gets left behind.

4. Cheating

Infidelity is also a common reason for divorce. However, it may not be the infidelity that’s really the problem — odds are good the couple already has a strained emotional relationship before the cheating starts.

5. Drugs and alcohol

Drug and alcohol abuse can destroy a marriage very quickly. The two also often bring along money woes, infidelity and an emotional drift — making the whole mountain of trouble almost impossible to overcome.

6. Constant arguing

Constant arguing leads to constant stress — and eventually one or both partners may simply decide the relationship isn’t worth it. This is particularly true of the arguments are the “same old thing” over and over.

7. Commitment issues

If one member of a couple seems disconnected and aloof, the other person is likely to feel as if there’s no real commitment or desire to improve the relationship.

Whatever the reason for your divorce — take comfort! You’re hardly alone.

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