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Does your Nebraska child support need to be reviewed?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2017 | Uncategorized |

When it comes to child support, the initial figure set at the time of divorce is not necessarily set in stone. If something changes in your circumstances, you can apply to have the child support amount reviewed for possible modification.

This process can be complex and confusing. Often, a family law attorney is an excellent resource for navigating the system of requesting a child support modification. Here are some basic facts regarding how to proceed if you think your child support needs modification.

Who can request modification

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services allows for either party subject to a child support order to request a review. There are several criteria required to request the review. However, the primary factor that the Nebraska DHHS looks at in terms of modification is the income of both parties. For example, if you have an order to provide child support but your income has dramatically dropped, you could request a review to reflect your new circumstances. If it is no longer possible for you to meet your commitments under the child support order, requesting a modification may be a smart move so you can avoid violating the order. The circumstances must have lasted at least three months and be expected to last at least six more months for a review to take place.

Avoiding conflict 

Child support requirements can quickly become a hot topic of contention among divorced couples. This can create unnecessary tension, and if there are children involved, family harmony may suffer. Disputes connected to divorce are never pleasant. Child support can be one of the most contentious areas because it deals with money, which is a delicate subject for nearly everyone.

If your financial circumstances have changed to the point that you believe the court should consider a modification to your child support order, you should consult with a family law attorney. Having a legal advocate by your side as you pursue court action can help you to avoid pitfalls and make the most effective case possible.