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October 2017 Archives

New bill aims to prevent guardianship abuses

It's a terrifying scenario. First, the court appoints a legal guardian over your mother or father, or a beloved aunt or uncle. Then, the guardian moves your relative out of state, limits who is allowed to see him or her, bleeds any bank accounts dry, and neglects the very person he or she is supposed to be protecting.

4 tips for reducing your child support payments in Nebraska

Sometimes child support orders end up unfeasible. Significant life changes such as a drop in income, medical emergency, loss of a job or new marriage can warrant a modification of child support arrangements. If you want to reduce your child support payments, you will either need to have a judge change it or agree with the other parent about the changes. 

Addiction and child custody: Why informal agreements are risky

Methamphetamine drugs don't just cause addiction and claim lives. In Nebraska, they're creating a crisis that's overwhelming the foster care system. Meth use is now behind one-third of the cases where a child is removed from a parent's care.