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Mother in jail after violating custody order, abducting children

| Sep 29, 2017 | Family Law |

Even if you are a child’s natural parent, you can be charged with kidnapping if you ignore a custody order and decide to take the situation into your own hands.

While parents all across the country have ended up in jail for just that reason, it still surprises a lot of people to find out just how serious the charges can be. Worse — taking action like that can permanently ruin your chances of regaining custody.

A mother from Nebraska is currently sitting in jail after violating a child custody order by abducting her four children from a relative’s vehicle.

The children had been the subject of an Amber Alert once relatives notified the police, and a tipster quickly led police to their location. All four children were safe.

The news doesn’t specify why the four children were in the care of one of their other relatives, but there’s probably little doubt that their mother felt she should have a right to her own children. Most parents do.

However, once the court has put a custody order in place, the proper way to fight that order is in court — even if the process is slow and frustrating, or you think that the entire situation is unfair.

Here are the things that parents who act on impulse often fail to understand:

  • The situation might genuinely be unfair — but you can’t convince a judge of that if you aren’t willing to work within the rules.
  • By ignoring the court order, you are giving the judge the impression that you aren’t willing to acknowledge the court’s authority.
  • The court has to assume, even if it is just on a temporary basis until the court has the chance to review all the evidence, that there’s a reason the children aren’t in your care — if you take them, the court sees that as an action that proves you will put your wants ahead of your children’s needs.
  • You are traumatizing your children. Even if being separated from you is already traumatic to them, being the subject of an abduction and subsequent police action is more traumatizing.

None of these are good things and none of them will help you get custody returned to you. If you have a custody issue and need help, talk to a family law attorney today.

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