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Father wins another chance at custody in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Family Law |

A father from Nebraska, outraged at what he believed was nothing more than rampant sexism — a sexism that striped him of the right of a real relationship with his daughter.

The father has been protesting on the public sidewalk outside the courthouse in Nebraska City every day while waiting on his hearing.

The father has had some sharp criticism for the judge, the state and Project Response — an advocacy group that exists solely to help the victims of domestic violence and related issues — for stripping him of his custody and visitation rights without any evidence that he was abusive or a threat to his child.

The father notes that he had provided financial support for the mother and their child all along and has never faced any criminal charges. The mother, however, is unemployed and had two active criminal cases already. In addition, new criminal charges, child neglect and abuse, have been added just this month after the mother left their daughter unattended in a hot car.

Essentially, the father says that the sexism that favors women who allege abuse gave the child’s mother free representation in court through Project Response by assuming she was a victim, which is what she alleged. The father tried to represent himself in court — and lost.

He ended up with a year-long protection order against him that prevents him from seeing his daughter.

The father probably didn’t help his case by being vocal about the unfairness of the situation during the court hearing itself, even challenging the judge’s right to hear the case.

After the initial hearing, the father obtained legal counsel. His attorney says that the father doesn’t care about the protection order that prevents him from contact with the mother — who alleges she is afraid of him. However, he challenges anyone to prove that he’s ever been anything but supportive and loving to his daughter.

Cases like this illustrate the need for a good family law attorney before you head into a battle that could cost you your custody rights. A family law attorney can help you protect your rights against a system that can, sometimes, be biased against fathers.

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