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3 key players in the divorce industry

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Family Law |

A lot of people talk about how marriage has created a cottage industry of specialists, like wedding planners and party designers, who can help a couple through the chaotic days leading up to their wedding. Well, divorce has created a similar cottage industry on the other end of things — for very good reasons.

Divorce is often an emotional, messy time. The right divorce team can help you get through the process with your outlook on life — and financial security — intact. These are the key players.

— Your therapist, counselor or divorce coach

To get through a divorce, it helps to have a clear grip on your feelings — and a safe place to vent your frustrations at your spouse. A therapist, counselor or divorce coach can help ease the pressure you’re under by talking you through the emotions you’re feeling now and focusing you toward your goals for the future.

Divorce coaches are a relatively new creation, but just like therapists and counselors, they can help you stay positive about what’s happening and see opportunity where others might see failure.

— A financial planner

If there are any significant marital investments, assets or debts, you need a financial planner of some sort to help you.

You might consider a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) as the financial planner on your divorce team. They have specialized training that helps them keep an eye toward asset protection and the future financial implications of your current decisions. For example, the tax consequences of withdrawing equity from your home or selling your half of the family business to your spouse may be something you don’t anticipate without good financial planning.

— Your divorce attorney

Look for an attorney who has part of his or her practice devoted toward family law issues. An attorney with experience in divorce mediation, for example, may help you avoid unnecessary courtroom battles over custody and visitation of the children or spousal support. At the same time, you want an attorney who feels comfortable going to trial if that’s what’s necessary to protect your rights. Make sure that you feel comfortable that your attorney can handle both delicate negotiations or an outright battle, if needed.

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