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March 2017 Archives

What documents can help prove my marriage is real?

Sometime after you've filed your application for a green card based on your marriage to a United States citizen, you'll have to face the "marriage interview." This is where you have to provide enough evidence to satisfy the interviewer that your marriage is real, not a sham designed to get around immigration laws.

Dealing with older kids' independence after a divorce

It has been established that divorce typically has a negative effect on kids, but that does not mean the situation has to wreak havoc on your family. Every child will process a separation differently and react to it in her or his own way, but if you have older kids, you should be prepared for an increased sense of independence following the divorce. According to Psychology Today, this behavior is a common response among adolescents, and learning how to deal with it can equip you to diffuse its consequences.

Common post-divorce questions regarding support and visitation

When you settled your divorce, you probably felt a huge sense of relief to finally be done. However, when children are involved, a "final" decree isn't always that final. These are some common questions that parents often face after divorce at some point.