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December 2016 Archives

Expenses that are generally not covered by child support

If you are recently divorced or considering a separation or divorce, you may be concerned with how to manage your emotions, your children's emotions and your finances. While child support is intended to help ease the financial burden on the parent who provides most of the child's necessities, such as housing, food and electricity, there are many areas in which child support cannot be used. It is important to understand the expenses for which child support can and cannot be used so that you can properly budget and plan accordingly for life on your own. Please note that child support does not typically cover the following.

Fathers face an unfortunate bias in Nebraska custody cases

Are Nebraska judges biased against fathers? There are a number of advocates for shared parenting that believe that judges in the state rely on outdated educational information and training, which results in a heavy bias that favors mothers in custody battles.

How do you prove being bipolar doesn't make you an unfit parent?

Does having bipolar disorder mean that you aren't a capable parent? Not necessarily. There are about 5.7 million adults in the U.S., which translates to about 2.6% of the population. Many of these people are raising their children quite capably.

3 steps to getting your spouse on board with a will

Estate planning isn't hard, especially when you have the right professional help, but it is a detail-oriented task that requires your full attention and a lot of thought. That's not usually what keeps people from creating a will or making other estate plans, though. It's often the fear of talking about end-of-life or a feeling that you don't need a will that keeps you from such a discussion. Even if you finally buckle down to create a will, your spouse might not be on board with the process.