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Taking action when abuse allegations threaten your custody

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2016 | Family Law |

Our firm represents parents on all sides of divorce and custody matters, and we know that domestic abuse can be an extremely stressful situation to deal with during the custody process. Sometimes, parents are genuinely concerned about the well-being of their children and they have very real fears about leaving those children in the care of an abusive parent or ex-spouse.

Our firm works with those parents to help build a case against the abuser so that children are protected. However, we also know that emotions run high in the divorce process and not every allegation hurled during negotiations is true. Unfortunately, some people attempt to take advantage of the courts’ stance on abuse and neglect, using allegations of such behavior to attempt to manipulate custody or support arrangements.

If you’re facing untrue allegations of domestic abuse at the same time you are dealing with a divorce or custody battle, it can be easy to feel like all is lost and you should just give up. Our firm works with you so you don’t have to give in to all the other person’s demands. We help you use the premises of evidence and argument to show that the allegations against you are untrue and protect your relationship with your children.

Our firm works with you to balance the scales in your favor after dishonesty about your relationship with an ex or kids has been used to unbalance them. If you want to ensure that your side of things is fully represented, make sure you work with a legal professional who is experienced in family law and all the various scenarios that play out in family court.