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October 2016 Archives

Helping children adjust to two households

When divorce becomes the best option for you and your family, there are naturally a number of concerns that will arise. If you have kids, the most important of these concerns will be their safety and wellbeing. A major part of the process is preparing the children for the changes that will take place, including separate homes in most cases. With the right approach, you can minimize the stress. Follow these tips to make the shift easier for you and your kids alike.

Father-like relationship not enough for heirship in Prince case

If you've been following the Prince estate case at all, you know that many possible heirs came forward to seek their share of the estate. For months, the estate and courts have been mired in DNA tests and other claims from potential heirs, but the court has turned away far more heirs than it has confirmed. The latest group of potential heirs tried to stake a claim based on one man's relationship with Prince's father.

What you can control when your spouse asks for a divorce

If your spouse comes to you and says that he or she wants a divorce, there's not a lot you can control about the legal process. You may have no desire to split up, but there's nothing you can do to prevent it from a legal standpoint. No matter what you do, your spouse can ask for a divorce and it can be granted by the court against your wishes.

Can't you just talk it out with your ex?

No matter where you are in the divorce process -- or what type of relationship you had and currently have with your ex -- this is a question that you will either ask yourself or someone else might ask you as you go through divorce. Why can't you talk things out and just make some cooperative decisions about support, child custody or property division?

Some tips in the aftermath of a major loss

In the immediate aftermath of a major loss, the last things you probably want to consider are probate and legal matters. That's one reason for working with a trustworthy legal professional who can guide you through legal matters and help handle some of the more tedious details for you. While basic legalities are being handled, you can take some steps toward dealing with loss and grief.