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Solider uses GoPro to prove abuse

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Family Law |

Most people would agree that domestic violence is a very important issue in today’s society. However, one particular aspect of this family law problem is making the headlines after a man used a GoPro camera to prove that his wife was physically abusive.

While there are many resources and organizations available for women who are victims of domestic violence, male victims still face a significant stigma in today’s society. They may face an uphill battle in finding help, getting someone to take the situation seriously and getting legal protection.

This particular man and his wife have reportedly been in the process of divorcing and embroiled in a custody battle over their two young daughters. The man, a soldier, began using the GoPro camera because of the tensions surrounding the divorce and custody issues. He told the media that he uses the camera to “prove her guilt or prove [his] innocence.”

The footage that he captured reportedly shows the man’s wife assaulting him during what was supposed to be a custody exchange. The video evidence resulted in the woman being arrested. He says he is hopeful that this may bring an end to the issues surrounding the divorce and custody dispute.

The first steps for men who are victims of domestic violence is to make someone whom they trust aware of the abuse and seek help. Once you are out of immediate danger, contacting a family law attorney can help you better understand your legal options for protection as well as how the issue of domestic violence can impact custody issues.

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