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Common legal needs during and after adoption

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2015 | Adoption |

When many people think of the Nebraska family courts, they think about divorces, custody battles, domestic violence or even child support, but the family courts also handle adoption issues and proceedings. Whether you are wanting to expand your family by adopting, attempting a step-parent adoption or are a birth parent trying to facilitate an adoption, a family law attorney familiar with these kinds of cases can be an asset at every step.

While many parents, birth and adoptive, find themselves swimming in the legalese paperwork that adoption requires, a family law attorney knowledgeable about the adoption process can help you with many different aspects of the case beyond just understanding what to sign and where. At Reisinger Booth, we can help ensure you are aware of all of your options if you are looking to adopt and ensure you understand all of the potential benefits and common legal pitfalls.

We also help clients with any legal services and needs that manifest after the adoption is finalized. Some common issues during this time include changing estate plans to reflect your growing family, finding social services to help those on both sides of the courtroom make as smooth as a transition as possible to their new circumstances and understanding more about guardianship rights and when this comes into play.

Our firm has the personal experience and professional resources necessary to help you navigate this legally and emotionally complex time. If you have questions about the adoption process or are already facing legal concerns, we can help you understand your options and what to consider moving forward.