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Is financial assistance available for adopted children?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2015 | Adoption |

Adoptive parents make a promise to the children whom they take into their families that they will care for them and provide for their needs. In some cases, the adoptive parents might need some financial help in order to properly care for the adoptive child. In Nebraska, an approval for a subsidy must be obtained.

When can a subsidy be approved?

In Nebraska, a subsidy, or financial assistance for adoptive parents, must be approved prior to the adoption finalization. The state doesn’t allow subsidy agreements to be approved after the adoption is finalized.

What is included in the subsidy?

Each subsidy differs based on the child’s needs. Generally, Medicaid coverage is part of the subsidy. Some subsidy agreements are one-time payments of up to $1,500 to reimburse the parents for certain costs such as legal fees or pre-placement visits. Ongoing subsidies are also possible to obtain. Those agreements are reviewed periodically and can change based on circumstances.

What are the criteria?

There are several criteria for qualifying for these subsidies. The main one is that the child must have special needs. Some of the guidelines include adopting a set of three or more siblings or having a mental, emotional, or physical disability.

Any adoptive parent who is interested in learning about subsidy payments should do so as early in the adoption process as possible. If you need to get Medicaid coverage or other subsidies, you have to make sure that they are negotiated and approved before the adoption is final. If they are not, you lose the ability to receive them.

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