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What should I do if an ex attacks me via email, phone or text?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Divorce |

It is no secret that some divorces are messy. Many divorces include at least one bitter person who is determined to be as mean as he or she can to the other person. If you are on the receiving end of unsolicited attacks by your ex, you might wonder how to handle the situations. The answer might surprise some of our Nebraska readers.

What are some examples of unsolicited attacks?

Your ex might text you, call you or email you with mean messages. These contacts can be unnerving, irritating and anger provoking. They are often simply a way for your ex to blame someone else for the end of your marriage. It might be the result of the pain he or she is feeling because of the divorce. That, however, isn’t a reason for you to deal with his or her behavior.

What should I do if my ex attacks me?

In most cases, you shouldn’t engage your ex when he or she attacks you in an unprovoked manner. Reacting with angry words can get you into a battle with your ex that you might not want to get involved in. Additionally, there is a chance that what you say might be used against you in the divorce.

What should I do if the attacks are persistent or turn physical?

If the attacks are persistent, you should let your attorney know. You don’t have to deal with that type of behavior. If they turn physical, you should take steps to protect yourself. That can include seeking help from the police and the court system.

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