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Home studies and other requirements for Nebraska adoptions

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Adoption |

Almost anyone who wants to adopt a child will have to go through a home study. The exception to this in Nebraska is if a stepparent is adopting a stepchild. In that case, a home study isn’t done. The home study is done by a licensed child-placing agency or the Department of Health and Human Services. That study looks at the potential adoptive parents, the children and anyone else living in the home.

There are several points that are considered for all adoptive parents. These qualities are the minimal requirements for adoptive parents in Nebraska. The applicant has to be able to care for the child. This means that the applicant’s mental and physical health are considered. It also means that the applicant has to be able to provide for the child financially, including food, shelter, clothing, health and other necessary essentials. While applicants can’t be discriminated against because of religion, ethnic group, gender or race, they must meet the minimal age qualification of 19 years old.

There are several components to a home study. The applicants have to provide three references, complete a self-study course, undergo a background check and a criminal records check. In addition, the applicant must undergo home visits and get a medical summary. A written home study must be completed using the department’s format.

As you can see, the process for becoming an adoptive parent is comprehensive. Knowing what to expect and making sure you have everything in order ahead of time can help you to increase your chances of becoming an approved adoptive parent.

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