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Nebraska sees child support updates, first in 4 years

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2015 | Family Law |

Parents who pay child support in Nebraska might soon notice some changes. Those changes might be pleasing to the paying parent but not to the recipient. This is because Nebraska child support guidelines are changing in a way that would reduce the monthly obligations of some noncustodial parents. In some cases, this might mean a reduction of at least $200 per month.

Parents in the state who evenly split the time with their children might benefit from even more dramatic reductions. The ultimate change in child support obligations depends on a parent’s income. This is due, in part, to the lower cost of living in the state.

Another change that is occurring is that parents will now be able to deduct their own health care expenses from their income prior to determining child support. Additionally, some child support orders will include preschool and day care costs.

These are the first changes that the state’s child support system has seen in four years. Advocates for the changes feel these changes stop the age-old custom of turning a blind eye to what the noncustodial parent needs to live. In the end, the commission voted 11 to one in favor of the proposed changes.

These new guidelines can mean a big difference for everyone involved in a child support case. Knowing the current laws and your rights can help parents know what to expect when they are involved in a child support case. One way to be sure you understand it all is to work with someone familiar with all the new guidelines.

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