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Mediation in legal separation and family law matters

| Nov 20, 2014 | Legal Separation |

When you discover that your marriage isn’t working out but aren’t ready to divorce right away, there is another option you can choose. You can opt to go through a legal separation. If you choose to utilize this option, a mediator might help you and your ex to work through some of the issues related to the separation. While you might not think that is necessary, you might be surprised to discover that mediation can help you to work through a number of issues. Our Nebraska readers might like to know how mediation might help.

We can help you work through problems you are having coming up with a visitation schedule, as well as problems with who is going to get what property. By utilizing this process, you and your ex have a say in what will happen. You can save money and you can save time by working together.

When an agreement is reached, both you and your ex are given a copy of the agreement with the terms of the legal separation. Because it is important for the process to be done in a way that offers respect for both sides, using an experienced mediator is vital. You won’t be forced to live with a decision made by the court since the court doesn’t actually know your situation.

Legal separation isn’t an easy thing to have to go through. There is no reason why you should have to deal with a process that can make the situation even more difficult. Mediation allows you to reduce some of the stress associated with a court deciding how to split things up.