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Divorce and pursuing custody in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Child Custody |

When a couple with children begin the divorce process, there may be intense arguments over who will have primary custody of the children and who will be the non-custodial parent. In Nebraska and other states across the country, the law is very strict on how a court will rule on child custody cases. The best interests of the child will always win out over a parent’s wishes when the two conflict.

At Reisinger Booth, P.C., it is our job to show the court that the best interests of the child is inline with your wishes when it comes to child custody. The courts are moving toward shared custody, meaning that the child spends equal time with each parent. If this is something you are interested in pursuing, we can present the option to the other parent. However, not everyone wants to share parenting time.

The court will look at who can provide a stable, safe home for the children. In addition, the needs of the child in terms of education, health care and more will be considered. Past criminal convictions will be scrutinized, as will the level of involvement a parent has in a child’s life.

It’s important to remember that your child’s wishes might also be considered, depending on his or her age. However, we advise against trying to change a child’s decision to live with another parent by buying gifts, allowing reckless behavior or speaking badly about the other parent. We can help the judge see why you feel you are the better choice for primary custody.

We understand that this is an emotional time in your life, as well as the lives of your children. We want to make it as easy as possible, ensure your interests are kept in the forefront and protect the rights of you and your children. To learn more about child custody and divorce in Nebraska, please take a moment to review our webpage on child custody.