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New dads grappling with change may lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Divorce |

In many parts of the country, divorcing parents face the dilemmas experienced by most individuals who have decided to split up due to an inability to manage the career and family. In former times, it was the woman tasked with juggling home, children and corporate advancement. Nowadays, men are feeling it too.

This could mean the frustration is now spilling into the home, bombarding the children with a new generation of parents that feel overwhelmed, outstretched and out-taxed.Some number show married couples with children in a typical American family have two-career households, a distinct increase in the last 40 or 50 years. Stress from work prevents some families from feeling the intimacy of home, but this is blamed on the fast-paced lives we lead. In more recent studies, men have surprisingly expressed a desire to spend more time with their children. The new dads want to have and do it all.

This monumental aspiration comes with struggle, as in the case of one man who wanted to telecommute. He found the conditions at home were filled with interruptions and child care, ending up with a longer day and often taking work into the bedroom.

Nebraska is not the only place where there are stresses that drain a relationship. When the new evolution of generic stereotypes presents itself in the changing face of fatherhood, some couples just can’t do it. If you are suffering the trauma of divorce and attempting to pick up the pieces so you can achieve some sort of balance in your life, you are not alone. There is help for you to execute that divorce that will change your life and your family’s. Seek assistance from a well-qualified legal representative who can stand beside you and take that step with you.

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