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As custody battle continues, girl living with Omaha dad

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2014 | Child Custody |

A much-publicized Nebraska custody battle continues over a 9-year-old girl. The battling parties are her biological father, who lives in Omaha, and her foster parents, who live in Tennessee.

During a recent status hearing, the attorneys representing the girl, who is living with her father, said that she is doing well and getting good grades. They contend that she does not want to return to Tennessee. It was not reported where the child’s birth mother is, and why she is not in the picture.

The Nebraska man lost parental rights to his daughter after he was sentenced to federal prison. Although his original sentence was 10 years, it was reduced to seven. That made him eligible to once again have the right to custody of his daughter. That custody was granted in January following a five-year court battle.

The girl’s foster parents, however, have not given up the fight for the girl they raised from infancy and whom they call “our daughter.” In May, they were denied physical custody by a court. According to the foster father, they have not even been able to talk with her. However, he says they will fight on, and “won’t stop until the wrong is righted.”

Although the girl is legally in the custody of a government child services agency, she is living with her birth father on a trial home visit. The next hearing will take place at the end of July. At that point, the judge will find out how she is doing.

Child custody cases can be extremely emotional for everyone, and certainly for the child caught in the middle. Every situation is different, and judges have to determine based on the facts and evidence before them what is best for the child. If that child is old enough to weigh in, his or her feelings may also be given consideration. Nebraska attorneys with experience in child custody cases can help parents or other caregivers present the strongest case possible for why the child is better off with them.

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