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New civil rights leader considers violation of family rights

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2014 | Family Law |

Nebraska is not the only place divided on the issue of same-sex partnerships. Recently, national groups that might normally be neutral find themselves having to take a stand on the issue, even at the risk of being controversial.

Renewed discussions have arisen in the black community, still smarting from the Obama administration’s pledged support of same-sex unions two years ago. This decision has trickled down to affect custody issues, child support and parenting time.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People reacted strongly. One of its ordained ministers, and then-president of the organization’s Iowa-Nebraska site, walked away from his leadership position. He justified his decision on what he perceived to be a conflict of interest in the stance of the nation’s commander-in-chief and his own personal convictions.

The NAACP has stated their mission involves protecting the educational, social and political equality of all people, as stated by the First Amendment. The organization’s new president is now facing a conundrum as he steps in to take the place of the former president. Supporters are asking themselves how he will uphold the NAACP stance and remain a minister in an African-American church.

The division within the NAACP itself is evidenced by conflicting voting outcomes from its group’s infrastructure. One church group maintains same-sex partnerships are against the will of God and prohibits a clergy member from being involved in performing such a union.

The new spiritual leader is a fourth-generation minister and affiliated with a NAACP church in another state. He is confident he will have no problem reconciling the opposing views and plans to address his position at an upcoming NAACP convention in Las Vegas. He affirms his primary role is one of “civil rights leadership” and that the Constitution represents all people, regardless of their skin color.

Our nation is built on the diversity of many types of families. If you live in a state like Nebraska, your parenting time may have been subjected to unfair laws. Recent events on secular and spiritual levels indicate the nation is undergoing a change in values and beliefs. If you need help in enforcing the details of your parenting time or visitation rights, you should turn to a person who can help you through the legal process so you can protect your family without being judged.

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