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New movement in ending domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 9, 2014 | Family Law |

Perpetuators of domestic violence come from every life profession. Whether they reside in Nebraska or in other parts of the U. S., many continue to be charged with abuse of their female domestic partners and companions.

Recently, a prominent sports figure has been charged with battering and inciting physical abuse to females. While he waits his fate in jail, copious court documents cite evidence of a lifetime of never being held accountable for his abusive and violent acts.

His reign of violence culminated with the death of a girlfriend, reflecting a pattern many claimed began in his teens. He has been found guilty only twice and managed to avoid jail time.

While domestic violence can include sexual assault, it may also be rape, robbery or other terrorization of intimate relationships including families.

The statistics are sobering, yet the good news seems to be a drop in the number of this type of crime in the last twenty years. This appears to be attributed to the increasing prominence of women in the workplace and in key positions in the financial arena. Fewer women are encountering hopelessness as they envision viable solutions to end their cycles of abuse.

New federal laws appear to be favoring a revamping of the legislation that protect women from domestic violence in states across the nation. One leading university study found woman have viable alternatives at their disposal, such as assistance with custody, child support, public benefits and other services that relieve the stress of domestic violence. Tougher penalties for abusers have recently been passed unanimously in at least one state.

In Nebraska, as in many other states, great effort has taken place in order to increase sentences for abusers, support for shelters, hotlines and counseling. These services, while positive, do not prevent the pervading nature of female abuse.

If you live in this state and have been victimized by domestic violence, be it by a spouse, a former spouse or any other family member or individual, there is help for you. As more and more women begin to empower themselves in society, they experience increased sense of hope in turning the abusive cycle around.

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