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2 Nebraska mom celebrate adopted, biological daughter

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Adoption |

For many, Mother’s Day can be a joyous occasion. For one young woman in Omaha, the day was quite different from those before.

She had been adopted by a family in Nebraska when her parents forced her to give up her unborn child when she became pregnant. Times were different then.

She gave up her infant daughter, but one day, a woman came calling claiming to be her biological daughter. The woman, now 43, ironically, is a training specialist for adoptions with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Years passed and the time and distance between them is a challenge to transcend. While they enjoy a relationship, their lives took separate paths. The daughter had a happy life with her adoptive parents, who now support her new relationship with her birth mother.

The 65-year-old woman forgave the mother who forced her to give up her baby in shame. Before her death, her mother revealed that she, too, had suffered shame in making her daughter give up her baby. She never knew her biological granddaughter.

The adopted daughter speaks of the dichotomy of negative attributes society places on adoption. She says love comes in many forms and the people who lovingly raised her are, in her mind, her true parents.

This year, two women celebrated Mother’s Day, happy in the knowledge, they both shared a common bond with an unusual woman.

Giving up a child can bring personal sorrow to the life of one mother and joy to the life of another. Adopted children can be loved as much as biological children. There are many reasons why people give up their babies. Families in Nebraska, and everywhere, deserve sensitive and non-judgmental assistance in pursuing the decision to follow a path involving adoption.

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