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March 2014 Archives

Paltrow uses 'conscious uncoupling' to describe her split

"Conscious uncoupling" has lit up the internet over the past few days. Many Nebraska residents may wonder what has caused this somewhat-clunky phrase to suddenly enter the lexicon. The answer is "conscious uncoupling" is the phrase that Gwyneth Paltrow used to describe her split from Chris Martin, her husband of more than 10 years. Paltrow and Martin have two children together, and it is unclear if their "conscious uncoupling" means that they are getting a divorce soon, or if they are merely separated as they stated.

New report sheds light on child support issues in US

Many Omaha residents have heard the phrase "deadbeat parent" before and thought "why don't we have a more efficient system for child support, or at least bolstered punishments for those who cheat their ex-spouse and child out of much needed money?" The following story won't really answer those questions, nor will it make anyone feel any better about some of the flaws in the child support system.

Expedite your divorce to limit physical, emotional toll

Divorce is a tough time in a person's life. Whether your divorce is a drawn-out legal battle or a more reserved and amicable split, it will still take its toll on you. Physically, mentally and emotionally, the process can be draining. It's not supposed to be fun -- but it is supposed to help you. That's why it is important to understand the reality of divorce first, and then come to grips with it.

Can watching a movie lower the chances of divorce?

When most of us need an escape from reality, we go no further than our local theater -- or even our own couch -- to spend a few hours watching a movie. While this simple act is a great way to relieve stress after a long week, it may surprise you to learn that it can also serve as an effective method of strengthening your marriage.