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The struggles of divorced parents to stay organized

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2014 | Child Custody |

As many divorcing couples are aware, the divorce process is inherently stressful and difficult. This doesn’t mean that every couple is arguing with each other and disputing every little detail in family court — but it does mean that divorcing couples simply need to be prepared for a difficult few weeks or months to sort out their divorce. Plenty of divorcing couples are amicable with each other as they split, even though the split itself causes them anxiety and stress.

With that in mind, consider the fate of divorcing couples who have children. Sorting out how much child support will be provided (if any) and custody arrangements is only the beginning. Those support payments need to arrive on time, and in the right amount; those custody arrangements need to be respected, and the two parents need to work around changing schedules; and the communications around who pays for what supplies or equipment that their child requires needs to be clear.

Keeping track of all of that can be difficult, especially the first two aspects. Support payments and changing schedules lead to all kinds of divorce disputes. For example, consider the fact that 62.3 percent of parents were paying what they owed in child support. That still means that 37.7 percent of parents either aren’t paying the right amount, or don’t pay at all.

With all of these factors playing into many divorces that involve children, one woman is doing her best to provide divorcing couples with an organizing and planning software for their divorce. The program offers payment systems, scheduling systems and reminders to help divorced parents stay as efficient as possible.

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