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February 2014 Archives

Divorce becomes more prominent at the beginning of the year

There is a general acceptance that, during the first few months of the new year, divorce rates rise. There is plenty of data to back this up, but the more complicated question is "why?" Why does this happen every year? There could be many answers, and not every divorce case may have just one. It could be that the stress of the holidays causes a couple to divorce; it could be that the winter weather brings a couple down, spurring a divorce; it could be that New Year's makes a spouse realize that his or her life needs to change, and a divorce is the right way to go about this new chapter.

The struggles of divorced parents to stay organized

As many divorcing couples are aware, the divorce process is inherently stressful and difficult. This doesn't mean that every couple is arguing with each other and disputing every little detail in family court -- but it does mean that divorcing couples simply need to be prepared for a difficult few weeks or months to sort out their divorce. Plenty of divorcing couples are amicable with each other as they split, even though the split itself causes them anxiety and stress.

New report shows proliferation of Facebook in divorce filings

Facebook has its proponents and opponents, but what is undeniable about the social networking site is that it allows people to connect who never would have dreamed of connecting some 20 years ago. It makes a wealth of personal information available to your friends, your family -- and sometimes the public.

Economy and divorce may be related, says new study

While there are ebbs and flows to the national divorce rate, the average divorce rate has hovered around 50 percent for quite some time (in other words, 50 percent of marriages eventually end in divorce). But now that the "Great Recession" has come and gone, a national study has found that divorce rates are on the rise just as the economy does the same.