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Nebraska girl is focus of custody suit between mother, doctors

Should doctors or hospitals have the right to demand that custody of a child be taken from its mother in order to provide treatment?

Some doctors in Nebraska think so -- and the court may agree. The doctors for a teenage girl have filed a request with the court to place the teenager in the emergency custody of the state's health department so that she will receive recommended care for a brain tumor.

Child Protective Services came over – What should I do?

Fewer things are as infuriating and frightening for a parent as facing accusations of not meeting the children’s basic needs. If you get that dreaded knock on the door, how do you handle it? What if a social worker removes your children from the home? This is a valid concern for you and other Nebraska parents.

The purpose of Child Protective Services, explains the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services, is to protect children in cases of abuse or neglect. Caring for your children does not necessarily protect you from being investigated by CPS if someone makes a report against you. If a CPS worker knocks on your door, it can be in your best interests to be civil and cooperative, but remember that the social worker is not your friend. It is his or her job to find evidence of abuse if it exists, and sadly, this means that you may be seen as guilty before you are deemed innocent.

Could your way of disciplining your child be considered abusive?

Parenting skills often come into question during custody disputes. This means that you can be called on to justify how you discipline your child. If your version of discipline seems abusive to the court, you can forget about getting custody. You might even be forced to endure supervised visitation.

What does Nebraska consider abusive treatment of a child? What is merely discipline when a child misbehaves? Here's some advice.

How to handle divorce when your children are adults

Divorce has a significant affect on the children in a marriage -- even if they're divorced. If you're facing a divorce after your children have become adults, here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

Your children may be upset

Get help to escape a forced marriage

Are forced marriages really a problem in modern America? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes. It isn't known exactly how many young women and girls are actually forced into marriages with mostly older men by their families, because the issues is shrouded in secrecy.

It's in the news again due to reports that a young Texan girl has been hiding from her family after they physically abused her when she refused to marry a man who had promised her family $20,000. Even though there are supposed to be minimum age requirements for marriage that vary by state, parents can skirt the law by either signing a waiver or taking the girls to another state or country that's more accommodating for the wedding.

Oklahoma man arrested after plot to hurt divorcing wife

A 47-year-old Oklahoma man is now under arrest after a bizarre plot involving meth, money and hair.

According to prosecutors, the man is the driving force behind an incident in which a woman woke up to an assailant's attack back in 2016.

Understanding the definition and damage of emotional abuse

As you know, abusive relationships are very difficult to get out of. You may have been unhappy in your marriage for years but decided to stay in it for the sake of the children or because you made a promise to stick with your spouse no matter what. Because your spouse has never hit you, you might even be unsure whether his or her behavior qualifies as abuse. It is important for you and other Nebraska residents to understand the difference between two otherwise emotionally healthy people who happen to be unhappy together, and a marriage that is emotionally or verbally abusive.

Emotional abuse can be extremely difficult to recognize, points out the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Many people falsely believe that if an alleged abuser has never physically struck a partner, he or she is not abusive. However, nonphysical abuse can take many forms, including verbal, psychological and financial abuse. Emotional abuse can impact your self-esteem for years, and the harmful effects can be passed down to your children.

Are you responsible for a deceased parent's bills?

There are a lot of insurance ads out there that mention the burden that a parent's final expenses can put on their adult children.

It is true that funerals, burials and cremation services aren't exactly inexpensive these days. It can cost a lot for a family to pay their final respects to a beloved parent the way that they want. However, a lot of those ads mention a parent's final hospital bills and credit cards as additional expenses that the adult children may have to pay if there isn't enough insurance to cover it all.

Grandparent's rights: Why records are important

Grandparents don't have an automatic right to see their grandchildren in the state of Nebraska. That means that you may need to take steps to protect that precious relationship.

In general, courts will only allow grandparents to successfully seek visitation rights over a parent's objection when they can establish that there's clear evidence that the grandparent and grandchild had established a significant relationship that benefited the child.

Consider the benefits of adult adoption for stepchildren

A lot of step-parents love their step-children as much as they could any biological child of their own. This is especially true when the relationship is formed during the child's early years.

Unfortunately, under the law, step-children don't have quite the same legal rights as natural children. For that reason, you may want to consider adopting your adult stepchildren.