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How to ensure stepchildren are part of your estate plan

With divorce and remarriage more common than ever before, the number of blended families is rising.

Maybe you and your spouse both have children from a previous relationship, and are now married, living with all the kids under one roof. Or maybe one of you didn’t have kids before, but enthusiastically took on the role of stepmom or stepdad, helping to raise and care for the child to the best of your abilities.

What are effective defenses against claims of domestic violence?

Authorities in all states, including Nebraska, take claims of domestic violence very seriously. In most cases, the public supports a harsh stance against such violence. However, what if the defendant insists they are innocent of these accusations?

One of the most important cornerstones of the American justice system is having the right to an effective defense. This is so even in the face of damning allegations, including those involving domestic violence. This means that if you have been arrested for domestic violence, you have the right to protect yourself. There are effective defenses like the ones outlined below.

Avoiding common estate planning mistakes

To most people, estate planning is one of the most confusing endeavors to undertake. Often, it is difficult to even begin such a task, but many agree that putting an estate plan in place is important. The good news is that working with a lawyer simplifies this process for most Omaha residents. Another benefit of attorney assistance is avoiding the mistakes that many people make when they attempt estate planning alone.

If you are looking into creating an estate plan, then you have already avoided the biggest mistake, which is having no plan at all. Below are four additional mistakes to avoid.

Be sure to protect your rights if you are an unmarried father

Our world is full of different types of family units. Many couples marry before they decide to add kids to the family. Others choose to raise their children without ever getting married. We believe that the choice of marrying or not to raise children together belongs solely to the parties involved in these relationships.

Despite our beliefs, we feel that all fathers in Omaha should understand the risks of having children without marrying. When these dads fail to take protective steps, they could risk losing access to the children that they love. An important step in preserving your rights as a father involves establishing paternity. Fortunately, there are several methods of establishing your paternity.

Milestones that should signal an estate plan review

Creating an estate plan and letting it sit dormant for the rest of your life is not the best idea. When you finalize and sign your estate plan you cannot just put it away and never look at it again. In fact, there are certain milestones in life that should remind you to review your estate plan and make any appropriate changes to reflect where you are in life right now.

The first time you create an estate plan will likely be when you get married. Make sure both of your names are on all of the documents and that you are listed as your spouse's beneficiary (and vice versa) on all financial documents.

The signs that warn divorce could be forthcoming

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy marriage? Are you worried that there's nothing you can do to fix the problems in your marriage? If so, you've likely already considered divorce. If this is the case, you likely knew that it was on the horizon. But what if you aren't sure? Today, we will take a look at the signs that warn divorce could be forthcoming.

Has the intimacy between you and your spouse disappeared? There are two forms of intimacy in a marriage: physical and emotional. Both of these need to be present for a marriage to be successful. When one form of intimacy disappears, your marriage will suffer.

Closing your business in Nebraska

Businesses close for several reasons. Money runs out, partners have a falling out or sometimes it’s just time to move on. Whatever the reasoning is, there are procedures for ending your business just as there were when you created it.

There are a few forms you must fill out to be legally out of business.

The importance of planning for the possibility of incapacity

Some might solely associate estate planning with wills and other documents setting out what will happen when one dies. While this is a key role of an estate plan, it is far from the only important purpose it can serve.

For example, there are estate planning documents that can help people plan for what will happen if they become incapacitated. Two of the main ones are:

Five steps to help you start a business

Starting a business gives you the opportunity to turn your passion into a full-time career. Maybe you have a great idea for a wonderful new product, or you have an innovative way to offer a service. Even though you are excited about your new business, you also likely feel a little overwhelmed with everything you must do. Here are six steps to help you get your business off on the right foot.

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