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Upon the birth of a child and the establishment of paternity in Nebraska, both parents are afforded parenting rights. When a DNA test is ordered to establish the paternity of a child, the man, mother and baby are all tested. When paternity has been positively identified, the man automatically assumes the rights and financial responsibilities of a parent; however, this may not necessarily result in custody.

Reisinger Booth, P.C., L.L.O., offers legal services for individuals seeking to establish the parentage of a child. We also protect the rights of the parents and child in matters related to custody, parenting time and child support.

Parents may file a paternity action to seek the following:

  • Child support
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Allocation of tax exemptions/tax credit
  • Contributions for day care
  • Uncovered medical expenses and health insurance
  • Special needs and services

Services for Non-Custodial Parents Sued by the County for Child Support

When the state of Nebraska (through the local county) assumes financial responsibility for a child's medical costs, day care expenses and other social welfare payments to support the child, the government may pursue a recovery suit against the non-custodial parent. If you have received notification of a legal action by Nebraska or your county for the recovery of child support costs, our firm will help you protect your rights and financial interests.

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