Defending Nebraskans Against Serious DUI Charges

First-offense drunk driving charges are serious enough. Multiple-offense DUI and felony DUI charges are a threat to your freedom and driving privileges. If you have previously been charged with DUI and your repeated drunk driving results in injury or death, you face a possible 50 years in prison.

That's how serious multiple DUI are.

James Reisinger and Kimberly Booth both have extensive experience in DUI cases in the 6-county area. They bring powerful skills to favorably resolving difficult DUI situations: second-charge DUI, third-charge DUI and felony DUI for subsequent drunk driving arrests.

Some serious DUI offenders are in such a state of hopelessness that they cannot focus on defense. This is a mistake. For your sake and your family's sake, you must contact the best DUI lawyer you can find, as soon as possible after your arrest.

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DUI law is a tangle of laws, some of them superseding one another, and thousands of case decisions, one of which may have an important bearing on your outcome. James Reisinger and Kimberly Booth know how to navigate through this tangle, and how to identify the one case that is critical to your future.

We are skilled in DUI defense, in negotiating with prosecutors, and also, in difficult cases, working out sentencing deals that cause you the least pain.

When you are in legal trouble, reach out for help. Reach for the criminal defense attorneys with the experience and knowledge that can do you the most good: Reisinger Booth & Associates, PLLO, of Omaha, Nebraska. Call us at 402-451-4488, or email us any questions you have.