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Posts tagged "Probate And Estate"

What documents can help prove my marriage is real?

Sometime after you've filed your application for a green card based on your marriage to a United States citizen, you'll have to face the "marriage interview." This is where you have to provide enough evidence to satisfy the interviewer that your marriage is real, not a sham designed to get around immigration laws.

Protect yourself and your unmarried partner

Cohabiting couples who take a long time to get married or just never feel the need to "make it legal" are increasingly common. In fact, the majority of couples that do get married cohabit first, and the household that's run by a married couple stopped being the norm in 2005.

Disputing a will for undue influence

In our society, someone's last wishes are generally considered very important, especially when those wishes are written down and formalized into a legal will. In order for someone else to contest that will, there generally has to be a good reason in order for the court to hear it.